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Upon the Misty Cliffs of Moher

Upon the Misty Cliffs

of Moher

Jeremy Bell

Upon the Misty Cliffs of Moher is an exciting and driving new work for Concert Band.  The piece is meant to begin as a concert opener as a clapped   rhythmic ostinato emerges as the applause from the audience subsides.  This ostinato gets passed throughout the ensemble continues to drive the piece forward while syncopated melodic lines and broken accompanimental figures in the upper woodwinds punctuate over a beautiful harmonic texture.  As the piece begins to open up from the clapping motive, a harmonic soundscape softly enters as the view emerges from the mist to overlook the Aran Islands in Galway Bay, painting a picture of the landscape with a warm texture layered with suspensions.  


The Cliffs of Moher (Aillte an Mhothair) are a national treasure of Ireland, located on the Western side of the island along what is known as the WIld Atlantic Way.  Although there are many attractions along this route, the Cliffs of Moher are easily one of the most popular.  Reaching as high as 214 meters (702 feet), the cliffs overlook Galway Bay where tourists can view the Aran islands.  During a trip to Ireland in the summer of 2017, I was inspired by the amazing view and incredible, breath-taking beauty of this natural formation.  The pictures below are some of the ones I took while I was there.

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