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The Sea of Eternity

The Sea of Eternity

Jeremy Bell

The Sea of Eternity is a unique piece meant to convey the events after a ship is lost at sea.  Both beautiful and somber, the piece that contains several elements that depict the calming sea after a storm.  The Sea of Eternity uses an ocean drum, which is held by the frame and played by rolling the wrists so the drum gently tilts in all directions. The metal beads inside roll across the bottom head like waves rolling over the shore.  When the ocean drum enters, the clarinets, alto saxophones, and marimba play a melodic figure, which can also be heard at the end of the piece, that ascends and descends to mimic the ocean tide.   During the climax, the crash cymbals depict the ocean waves crashing upon the rocks, followed by the wind chimes and a shift to a chromatic chord that creates a feeling of serenity and peacefulness rather than instability. 

The Sea of Eternity provides the resolution to the events of the second movement Shipwreck Cove  (Alfred Publishing 2017) where the sea calms and comes to rest, as Davy Jones’s Locker makes it claim to the sailors’ lives.  The Sea of Eternity provides the conclusion to the suite and is a fantastic work that your will band will love to play.  

If you are have purchased this piece, please check out the information on the suite's first movement The Pirates of Nassau for a free copy of the score and parts.

The Sea of Eternity is published by C.L. Barnhouse and is also available for purchase at J.W. Pepper.

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