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Pirates of Nassau

Pirates of Nassau

Jeremy Bell

The Pirates of Nassau begins with a jaunty melody and sets the tone for a group of brash brigands.  This piece  was meant to be the first movement of a larger work titled Davy Jones's Locker.  The suite begins with the Pirates in Nassau preparing to set out, followed by piece Shipwreck Cove (Alfred Publishing 2017), which opens with an ocean drum and wind sounds being blown through the instruments while the lower woodwinds and brass playing a somber introduction.  The final section, The Sea of Eternity (Chesford Publications 2017), depicts the events after the storm when the ship is lost at sea and Davy Jones claims the souls of his victims.

If you have purchased either work and would like to complete the set, please let me know, and I'll send you a copy of The Pirates of Nassua for free as a way of showing my appreciation for supporting my work.  Just send me an e-mail or fill out your information on the Contact Page.

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