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Rhysera the Fallen

The lyrics tell the story of a prophecy, the rise of dragons led by Rhysera “The Fallen One” (Vallah-kúl), and one final battle to decide the fate of the world. Rhysera knew of a prophecy that would lead to the end of the dragons, and with this knowledge, betrayed his bretheren in the ancient war between mankind and the elder dragon race. The prophecy said that when one dragon remains, it shall become immortal and the heir of the Sky Realm where the spirits highborne dragons reside, but the humans fearing the power of the dragons destroyed one of his wings before the final lowborne dragon was slain, preventing Rhysera from ascension, forced to live for eternity on the ground and unable to fly. In his wrath, he destroyed the Northern kingdom of Valyneer and took the keep as his new lair. Doomed to live alone for eternity and unable to enter the sacred realm, it is believed that Rhysera has entered into an eternal dream until he awakens to fulfill a new prophecy to seek vengeance on the humans that betrayed him.


                   The dragon’s return brings fire and ruin
                   Vas drakonus na-razúl keeluh fáeluh van dras

                   As all hope burns to ash by the Fallen One’s wrath
                   Il-sull vyris dravas’t fal tal-vas Vallah’kúl-tahl

                   Behind peaks of ash and a sky rusted with flames
                   In the kingdom of Valyneer, the Fallen One reigns

                   The land cast in darkness, now withered and dead
                   Shrouded in smoke, burning deep crimson red

                   For I have seen eyes of fire, burning dark red and gold 
                   Bringing ruin and destruction, as the legends foretold

                   The dragon’s return brings fire and ruin
                   Vas drakonus na-razúl keeluh fáeluh van dras

                   As the world is set ablaze, all hope burns
                   Il-vas Ætra sindrafal sull vyris dravas

       Fire and ruin                                          When nights turn bright as day 
       Fáeluh van dras                                     Mor-nyris tor fal il-rais,

       As all hope burns                                  Scorched by the flames
       Il-sull vyris dravas                                 korah-tal vos fáeris

       The world is set ablaze                         And fire rains from Heaven    
       Vas Ætra sin’drafal                                Van fáeluh voll kal-Ceris    


       By the Fallen One’s rage                       Heroes will be forged
       Tal-vas Vallah’kúl-tahl                          Khoros sáen’gar záylis

                   The dragon’s return brings fire and ruin
                   Vas drakonus na-razúl keeluh fáeluh van dras

                   As the nights turn bright as day, scorched by the flames
                   Il-vos nyris tor fal il-rais, korah-tal vos fáeras

                   When Rhysera awakens, all hope burns to ash,
                   Sarun Rhysera lúvinas, sull vyris dravas’t fal

                   As the world is set ablaze by the Fallen One’s wrath
                   Il-vas Ætra sindrafal, tal-vas Vallah’kúl-tahl

                   As the world turns to black and cold ashen grey,
                   And the darkness of night burns as bright as the day

                   When the sky fills with fire and ash falls like rain, 
                   A Hero will rise and be forged in the flames.


Cover art for Rhyersa The Fallen designed by Robert Crescenzio -

Cover art by

Robert Crescenzio

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