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Memories from Another Time

Memories from

Another Time

Jeremy Bell

Memories from Another Time is a beautiful piece with a slow and sweet melody that is played by a majority of the ensemble. Counter-melodies interwoven between the instruments help to teach students to bring out the moving line even if they’re not necessarily playing the melody. Throughout most of the piece the entire band is playing; so the focus should be on blending to create a warm and rich texture. Memories from Another Time provides a great opportunity for the band director to work with his or her ensemble to be expressive and focus on dynamics and phrasing as well as balance within the ensemble.


Memories from Another Time was chosen as a Reviewer's Choice in The Instrumentalist Magazine's February edition, stating:

Intended to evoke feelings of serenity and nostalgia, this beautiful composition begins with an expressive opening section featuring lyrical melodic material for clarinet, alto saxophones, and horns. Melodic opportunities are then spread throughout the ensemble as the pieces moves to a dramatic climax before proceeding to a slow, reflective ending.  With interesting, occasionally independent lines for winds that require expressive playing through, the piece includes two-part scoring for clarinet, alto saxophone, and trumpet.  Sensitive percussion writing for six players includes parts for bells, chimes, mark tree, snare drum, suspended cymbal, crash cymbals, triangle, and timpani. Well-suited for showcasing a young ensemble's emerging musicality, this attractive piece will be a memorable addition to any program.

Memories from Another Time is published by Alfred Music and is also available at J.W. Pepper.  

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