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Escape from Dead Raider's Hollow

Jeremy Bell
Escape from Dead Raider's Hollow

Escape from Dead Raider’s Hollow is a fast-paced adventure. Opening quietly, the introduction gradually builds in volume and energy up to a tempo change where the piece takes off and doesn’t relent until the end. Combining rhythms of 3 over a pulse of 2 creates a hemiola effect that drives the piece forward, creating a feeling of anxiety and being chased. This is a bombastic, action-packed piece with loud percussive hits, huge brass, and soaring woodwinds that ends with a bang.  It's a perfect concert opener or closer.

Escape from Dead Raider’s Hollow  has been selected as one of  J.W. Pepper’s Editor’s Choice and is published through Alfred Music Publishing.  To purchase, please click on either link provided.

Escape from Dead Raider's Hollow was reviewed in The Instrumentalists April 2017 issue:

Inspiried by modern movie soundtracks, this exciting piece conveys the sounds of a fast-paced adventure. The tale begins with a soft, suspenseful opening, played by horns and low brass, that gradually builds in intensity as instruments are added. Suddenly the escape occurs and the chase is on during an aggressive 6/8 main section that uses a hemiola effect to help create a sense of anxiety. The pace relaxes briefly during a softer, more lyrical passage for woodwinds and trumpets before the chase resumes, driving the composition to a dramatic conclusion.  An engaging composition for performers and listeners alike, the pie would be a memorable addition to any program.

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