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Spring's Awakening

Spring's Awakening

Jeremy Bell

An engaging and beautiful work that makes a perfect fit for any spring or year-end concert. Flowers bloom and the world stirs with life renewed as the music begins with a driving ostinato and flowing, lyrical lines that capture the beauty of the season.  Blossoming flowers can be "heard" at the beginning of the piece as new instruments play small melodic fragment, portraying the flowers opening for the first time.   After which the entire ensemble enters, propelling the music forward as the entire landscape explodes into full bloom.    The combination of warm harmonies with driving rhythmic figures creates a sense of a world stirring to life as winter comes to a close, and the cold is replaced by sunny days with a soft breeze.

Timelapse of a sunset at Lake Tahoe

Spring's Awakening is published by C.L. Barnhouse in their 2019 catalog and is also available through J.W.Pepper.

Photos of Lake Tahoe at Sunset

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