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To the Greatest Heights

To the Greatest Heights

Jeremy Bell

From the top of a mountain or the roof of a tall building, there’s a sense of awe-inspiring wonder that we get as we gaze across a vast landscape, whether it’s the warmth of nature’s own beauty or the cold steel of the buildings of a city skyline.  It’s the same feeling that we get every time that we fly on an airplane and look down upon the world as the objects become more distant and our view expands to the cover the layout of everything below us.  It’s a strange sense of detachment, a serenity that overflows us as we get caught up in this moment that seems to stretch on as far as the horizon.  But at the same time, it somehow creates this feeling, this connection to everyone and everything below.  This euphoria fills our sense of being.  It gives us peace, an appreciation for what we have and all that we experience as we view the world from the greatest heights.

To the Greatest Heights is a wonderful piece for young band with a beautiful and simple melody that floats on top of the warmth of the brass section.  An engaging work with lots of teaching elements, To the Greatest Heights makes a terrific addition to any concert band’s repertoire.  

To the Greatest Heights is published by FJH Music for their 2018 catalog and is also available at J.W. Pepper .

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