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Small Town Adventure


Small Town Adventure

Jeremy Bell

Small Town Adventure is a programmatic work that takes place at the end of a spring school day.  Partially inspired by the Netflix series Stranger Things, I wanted to write a piece that created a sense of nostalgia and tried to replicate that feeling of freedom as a child, riding bikes with friends and exploring the world around you.  Along the journey, you can hear the sounds of the crossing guard blowing their whistle, bicycle bells ringing, car horns honking, people talking on the patio of a small café, and a train crossing as the kids make their way to their secret fort in the woods.


At measure 58 the mood changes from the whimsical and light-hearted adventure of the bike ride to a more serene and relaxed atmosphere as the sounds of the city fade away.  In the forest, there's a sense of serenity and wonder being surrounded by the beauty of nature.  The cacophony of the busy lives bustling about gives way to the sound of birds singing in the trees as the wind shakes the leaves.  It's here that they can run and jump around freely, they can talk openly and cuss if they want, without the worries of an adult chastising them.  It's childhood in its purest form.

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