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Jeremy Bell

Remembrance is the first piano work that I wrote when I was an undergraduate sophomore.  The piece was written as a lyrical work that was meant to bring about memories of things or those of whom we have lost.  The piece was truly inspired by one of my mom’s best friends, who has basically been like a second mother to me, who lost her daughter.  I can still remember the day that it happened and the strange feeling of complete empathy for her loss of  a loved one.   It’s an odd emotion that has an overwhelming affect and can stir the deepest thoughts and make a person reflect upon his or her life.  While thinking about this, I decided to write a piece that would hopefully circumvent the the sorrow felt, yet stir the memory to think about that person in a more peaceful and meditative frame of mind with the hope that the impact you had upon their life and vice versa was the best that was possible.

The recording was performed by Joel Harper at Bradley University.

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