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Beyond the Shores of Avalon


Jeremy Bell

Beyond the Shores of Avalaon

In the legend of King Arthur, Avalon is a mythical island where Arthur’s body was taken to be laid to rest after being mortally wounded by Mordred at the Battle of Camlann.  Other versions of the story, however, say that Arthur recovered from his wounds and remains in Avalon until he will one day return to England to rule again.  Avalon is home to the powerful Enchantress Morgan le Fay and where some legends say the sword Excalibur was forged. 


Beyond the Shores of Avalon takes the listener on a musical journey to this magical sanctuary, a place of beauty and mystery. Avalon was the home to many powerful enchantresses and other magical queens.  The island, shrouded in mist, is said to be a utopian paradise full of grapevines, grain plants, and where apples grow year-round.  It is sometimes referred to as “the island of apples,” as the name is taken from the Breton word for the fruit avalBeyond the Shores of Avalon is a fantastic opportunity to work on blend and dynamics and provides the low brass and woodwinds an opportunity to shine with melody. This enchanting and captivating work is a perfect addition to any concert program.


Is it magic, myth, or simply......lore?
perhaps, a tale not told before-
But.......when all was said, and done......
"Blessed be the maiden".....

"From Avalon"

Richard RiddleOut From the Mist

Beyond the Shores of Avalon is published by C. L. Barnhouse is also available for purchase through J.W.Pepper.

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