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As the Last Light Fades

Jeremy Bell

As the Last Light Fades

As the Last Light Fades is a programmatic work, capturing the gradual onset of an evening, as a sunset gives way to the brief moment of twilight, and the stars begin to take their place in the heavens waiting for the darkness of nightfall.  The piece is meant to convey the feeling of peace and tranquility that one can only really experience in nature.  An ethereal connection, undisturbed by the disruptions of the modern world, that consumes the soul with an appreciation for the incredible beauty that can only be experienced by the natural world.  As the sun starts to descend beyond the horizon, a light rainfall ripples the calm surface of the lake, played by the Piano, Bells, Mark Tree, and Rain Stick at measure 18.  At measure 36, the mood changes briefly as the twilight hour sets in and begins to build when the final flash of daylight vanishes from the world at measure 43.  Night has arrived, bringing a serenity to the quiet lakeside.  

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Timelapse of a sunset at Lake Tahoe

As the Last Light Fades is scheduled for publication in C.L. Barnhouse's 2020 catalog.

Photos of Lake Tahoe at Sunset

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